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Tails R Us

Gorgeous full hide tails custom made in every color, size and weight. Breed show legal, not a tie on or “switch” extension. These extensions are hair to hair attachment FULL HIDE tails. They look more natural and when attached correctly, do much less damage to natural tail and aid in the carriage, for a “packed tail” appearance. These tails are what most everyone is now using at the breed shows…They compliment your horse and complete the “total look” in the show ring! Adds the finishing touch on the weanlings or yearlings in halter/futurity and all in hand and Longe line classes.

Our extensions are tanned, treated and created without the harsh use of bleaching or dyes.

Above images is what the top and bottom side of the Natural Full Hide tail extensions look like. Here we have a flaxen tail and a black tail extension.

Tails are very easy to use and attach. Also if the measurements are too long, easily customized to each individual horse by simply putting it on then trimming to the length you desire. COMES COMPLETE WITH ATTACHING INSTRUCTIONS AND CARE SHEET. Also step by step instructions available via website.

Tails available and in stock almost 100% of the time. Do you have a horse with an “odd” colored tail and need a match?? Just email me a photo and I will be happy to help. Or just snail mail me a sample of the hairs themselves!!

Lengths from 28″ to 60″ long and weights from 1/4 lb to over 1 lb available.

Weanling, Yearling, pony, Horse and large horses sizes.

Here are the before and dramatic after the extension was attached photo. Makes a big difference! Looks stunning! FYI this horse is a 15.3hh Appendix gelding whom I had attached a 40 inch extension, I needed to trim about 4 inches after attached for proper fit.

Be careful not to attach extension so that tail drags on the ground for fear of horse stepping on it and damaging extension and possibly natural tail as well.

Instructions on how to achieve this breathtaking look yourself (click here)

Any and all questions and comments will be welcomed!!

Prices start at $50.00 and go up depending on length and weight needed. Email for exact needs and I will send you a quote!! Shipping with insurance is a flat rate of $8.00 for a single extension , combined shipping is available. Out of country and Canada please email for exact price. PayPal, check and Money Orders accepted!

And now introducing…Forelock Extensions!!!

There are many benefits to adding an extension to your horses forelock if he needs one!! The most obvious one is for appearance … it just looks better, especially when it comes down to it at the horse shows!!

There are two ways in which we like to attach the extension, it basically comes down to which you prefer!

The model in this example is a yearling Warmblood colt, so you can see the difference between with and w/o the extension.

1. Place the forelock extension under or into your horses forelock (flatter side toward horses head) and band your horses hair over the extension and as close to the extension band as possible. Blend your horses forelock together with the extension, if trimming is needed, now is the best time to do it.

2. Lift up half of your horses forelock and clip up the top half aside and out of the way, now place the extension in this middle area (underneath the clipped aside hair) and band it to the hair underneath (getting as close to the head as possible) . Then let down the clipped up hair and brush together to blend. Band as usual or leave natural.

3. If you wish to hunter braid your forelock, prepare as above and then braid !!

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