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Tail Instructions

Read the instructions below to learn how easy it is to add one of our gorgeous extensions to your horse’s tail!

Select an area on the topside of your horses tailbone in which you would like to attach the extension .A good short cut is to lay it against your horses tail and eye up exactly where you would like the extension to be. If it looks too long, but is where you feel it should be, don’t worry!! You can easily trim it to your liking when attached!! If its too short, move it down a bit or it just may not be the correct size!

We suggest attaching it at the end of the first one third (from the dock) of the tail or half way down the tailbone .The tail is a bit stronger in this area to support the weight of the extension.

n the selected area, comb a straight line across the horses tail and gather all this hair up, make sure you also grab the hair that is along the underside, but in this straight line as well. Now band it up or twist and clip this bunch of hair out of your way. Note: make sure you get a good full amount of this hair, this will be important when your are finished with attaching.

Now lay the extension against the tail and keep it secure with a large clip or have a helperĀ  assist in holding it for proper attachment. We strongly suggest a helper until you get the hang of it! Have the extension held firmly against the tailbone and now begin to braid down and along the side of the extension by braidingĀ  the natural tail hair to the extension tail hairs. Take your braiding hairs from the center or edge of the extension and make sure you braid thin and tight for a secure attachment.

French braid approximately 3-5 inches down the extension, then finish by regular braiding another 3 inches of the remaining hair and finish it off with a rubber band that matches your horses tail color.

Switch sides and do the exact thing to the other side of the extension.

Now that both sides have been braided, we suggest with heavier extensions to join them between the extension and natural tail hair by rubber banding the two together. Not everyone likes this look and sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. I have several horses and I use this method with one, who happens to have a very “thin” tail bone. Otherwise the extension stays put with just the two braids left alone along the side. It basically comes down to preference.

Lastly and most importantly, let down the “out of the way” tail hair and brush it over the extension to evenly blend the tails together. The tail extension should now be undetectable!

If you are not happy with the tails appearance or positioning, simply start again from the beginning and pay close attention to gathering the right amount of “out of the way” tail hair to clip up. Blending is the most important part of a successful attachment!

Don’t get frustrated!! Remember … practice makes perfect!!


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