PO Box 1732
Pine Bush, NY 12566
Phone: 845-798-1433
Email: sssfarm@aol.com

Puppies Available

Puppies Available Now!

Cavalier puppies available and ready to go now!
Males and females !!!

**** Inquire as to availability ****

Reserve A Puppy

We are currently offering the option to reserve a puppy from a future litter. Please call, Text or e-mail us for more information.

Because we are a small hobby breeder and have dedicated our program to breeding and selling Cavaliers of the breed standard, we breed for QUALITY and not QUANTITY. We do not have puppies available at all times, but offer the option to “reserve” a puppy. This option is available when puppies are a minimum of 6 weeks old. We require a small deposit to secure your puppy. Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE but always applicable towards another litter. However, deposits are refundable in the event of death or illness rendering the puppy unfit for sale. We also reserve the right to refuse a deposit if our placement requirements are not satisfied. I encourage you to e-mail me with your questions, but I will only entertain phone calls if you are serious and want detailed information or wish to reserve a puppy.

Thank you for considering us for your next “family” member!

For those seeking the “Designer dog” or Cavalier Crosses ……We DO NOT and WILL NOT ever breed the so called “designer dog” (A fancy name for a mutt) , for there is no need to change an already perfect breed unless it is to improve the health. Responsible Cavalier breeders are hard at work doing this, by breeding healthy pure bred Cavaliers to other healthy pure bred Cavaliers within the breed standard.

We DO NOT sell to anyone that wants to breed or create the so called “designer dog.”

On a Serious note…If you are interested in a “designer dog” please visit your local animal shelter or a rescue society, they have many wonderful loving “designer dogs” in desperate need of a good home and someone to love. You will also find they are offered at a fraction of the cost. Please do not encourage these breeders to continue mix breeding by buying a “designer dog” at a pure bred price. If allergies are a concern, think about purchasing a breed that does NOT shed. Remember it takes YEARS of selective breeding and knowledge of genetics to guarantee that your new “designer dog” will not shed…

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